Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Tis The Season!

Winter is officially here! With winter comes the cold weather, snow, and icy roads and sidewalks!
We cannot stress enough the importance of being aware of ice and black ice on your sidewalks, driveway and roads, and salting and shoveling properly to avoid foot injuries!
This time of year brings many patients into our office slipping, falling, and doing MAJOR damage to their feet and ankles. Most commonly, foot and ankle fractures. The treatment for these injuries varies- we have onsite xrays, removable walking boots, rigid post op shoes, hard casts and more available if needed.
Click on the links below for more information on foot and ankle injuries, symptoms and treatment!

Ankle Fracture  Foot Injuries  Tendon Injuries
WE'RE HERE TO HELP! If you have any injury to your feet or ankles during this holiday season or ANY season, please contact our office at (732)349-0114 to schedule an appointment!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How To Stay Out Of The Podiatrist Office!

Following a few easy guidelines will help you steer clear of having a visit to the Podiatrists office.
1. Examine your feet every morning before putting your socks on.
2. Make sure you thoroughly dry between all toes after showering.
3. Use quality footpowder like Zeasorb AF on your feet and between your toes
4. After your shower or bath apply a quality skin moisturizer like Eucerin Plus to skin.
5. Use cotton socks, try to stay away from manmade materials like rayon
6. Cut your nails straight across, and use an emery board to file any rough edges away.
7. Wear sensible, supportive, activity specific shoegear.
8. Shop for shoegear in the late afternoon. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Reactionary vs Preventive Medicine

Our system of health care in the United States is reactionary, meaning our Doctors wait until you show symptoms of a disease and then treat it. Whereas, most other countries practice preventive medicine, inwhich periodic medical exams and tests are performed, trying to prevent disease from starting.
In our practice we believe in preventive medicine, especially with our Diabetic patients, and patients with poor circulation. Education is the key to preventing life threatening conditions from occurring.
Insurance companies are starting to understand the importance of Preventive Medicine check ups, and allowing testing to be performed in the absence of a known disease. They are also seeing monetary savings from these visits.
Take away point: Educate yourself on whatever diseases you may have, be your own health advocate, and if your insurance company does not pay for preventive visits, still have them performed by self paying, it can be one of the greatest investments in your heath.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Welcome to our practice blog. In this informal atmosphere, patients, friends, and anyone interested in asking foot or ankle questions, can come and get answers. Questions do not have to be limited to medical conditions; questions can be directed to our doctors, office administrator, and medical assistants.
We hope to encourage comments, observations and testimonials.
Please visit our practice website,, where we have videos, articles, and links on foot and ankle conditions. All additional questions can be directed to our blog. Enjoy!